Puppets Arts

Puppets Arts

PUPPETS, is a long-term project and the price appreciation should happen over time.


The project was launched on 12/16/2021 with the purpose of taking advantage of cryptography through the token, taking advantage of the NFTS market. The Puppets Arts use case is to offer cultural reinterpretations through its NFTS models, and thereby monetize the community with what the decentralization of crypto can offer


Puppets Arts generates passive income for its holders through Tokenomics. Initially 1% of all transactions on the token is divided proportionally to the amount of Puppets Arts token the wallets hold.

Buy Back

1% of trades are used for automatic buyback of the tokens.


The NFTS Puppets Arts created in the project will be used to enhance the project. A percentage of trades must go to a fund to buy back and burn Puppets Tokens.